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Busy Weekend – Happy Mama’s day

Busy busy weekend……

Here’s a couple of pictures:

I took these pictures with my phone – not the best quality.

Thanks to Dar for the special order – Bracelet for Erin from Owen.  (top picture).  White beach glass accented with 2 Swarovski Channel charms (Jan & Feb).

Bottom left – a necklace for my best friend Leesha – she doesn’t know yet – it’s a belated b-day gift.

Bottom middle – “In memory necklace”.  I made 5 necklaces for family members that recently lost a loved one.  White beach glass, adorned with a Swarovski channel charm (Sapphire – not pictured), a white Swarovski pearl & a sterling silver tag charm stamped with the letter J.  All necklaces are Sterling Silver with Sterling Silver findings.

My husband and I spend countless hours beach hunting with our pooch, Jackson.  Bottom Right – we found a killer piece of beach wood – bought some wicked hooks and made up a coat rack for my mother in law for mother’s day.  Re-purposed, character & rustic.

Interested in custom jewellery?  Shoot me an email at:  brandyunruh@yahoo.ca.

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