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Camo hoodie

Why not post – my husband bought me a camo hoodie.  You can’t see a lot of it, but it’s very cool.  I am wearing one of my necklaces – beach pottery found on Lake Ontario, love it and I must say I feel very cool wearing it 🙂



Storage Room – complete

I love posted home reno projects on my blog so we can look back and see all of the improvements we made, and as well to have everything dated.  We just finished our back storage room – it’s quite fancy for a storage room – My husband did such an awesome job!


We have so much camping & outdoor gear – it’s so nice to have it all organized & tidy.

Crochet Blanket – Vintage Ripple Pattern

I just love creating, I love working with my hands, I find it very challenging and rewarding.

I learned to crochet as a kid.  My mother taught me as a young girl, and I must say my cabbage patch dolls had a very sophisticated wardrobe including very chic and one of a kind ponchos.

I recently picked up a crochet hook again.  It came right back.  I made myself a blanket first to test out a pattern, yarn, size etc.  I’m in love with Loops & Threads from Michaels.

Here is my third blanket.  It was a birthday gift for my very special niece Ashley (Sweet Smash) for her 13th birthday.  I found this pattern online – Vintage Ripple Pattern.  A very kind person posted an old pattern her grandmother used to use.  (see link at the bottom).

I hope my niece feels comforted every time she cuddles up in it:


The colours are amazing!  I picked this colour “Cascade” by Loops & Threads because of the blues and earthy complimenting colours.  It reminds me of the sea/ocean/nautical.

Shoot me an email if you would like help with this pattern –

Free Pattern Download:


Blue Spruce Trees Spaded – November 2013

We knew we wanted to get trees spaded out front for privacy and cosmetics.

Thanks to Werner’s Tree farm – They look beautiful – and they took – no problemo.

Cedar Trees

We wanted to plant cedar trees on the one side of our property to create privacy for both us and our neighbours.  We talked to our neighbours and they were cool with it – These were planted April 2015.

Cedar trees


We had to do it!  This is our Killarney Granite Inukshuk to remind us of how stellar Killarney is!!

July 2016

It’s in the new fire pit patio.


Pretty Pretty Closet

Who ever thought that a closet could be pretty!  I didn’t take before pictures, but I can tell you it was ugly!!  Cracked & curling linoleum, wood with plastered holes – I hated it!

Mike installed the laminate to match the existing laminate flooring (we had a few boards kicking around).  I painted it white and installed iron hooks – now I love going into this closet.

(Fall 2015)

pretty pretty closet