Artist’s Bio – Brandy Unruh

I am a local jewellery artist residing in the Wainfleet, Ontario area.  I am also a nature enthusiast.  I enjoy the simple pleasures in life such as a beautiful flower in bloom and the sounds in nature such as birds chirping and waterfalls.

I have always been inspired by art.  I took many art classes in school exploring many different mediums. I learned how to solder stained glass and make hemp jewellery. For me there is something so rewarding about having the ability to create things.

My journey into making jewellery began many many years ago.   I am a self -taught artist.  My design concepts start from every day items such as chandeliers and antique door handles.  I have spent a lot of time researching and learning  different techniques, I have been experimenting with soldering, fusing, wire wrapping, and different polishing techniques for different finishes.

I absolutely love making jewellery. I feel jewellery can be worn as an expression of mood or as a compliment to your favorite outfit. I hope you will enjoy wearing my jewellery as much as I enjoy making it.

There is something stunningly beautiful about the combination of Sterling Silver with Swarovski and/or Gemstone Beads.

Brandy Unruh


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