Crochet Blanket – Vintage Ripple Pattern

I just love creating, I love working with my hands, I find it very challenging and rewarding.

I learned to crochet as a kid.  My mother taught me as a young girl, and I must say my cabbage patch dolls had a very sophisticated wardrobe including very chic and one of a kind ponchos.

I recently picked up a crochet hook again.  It came right back.  I made myself a blanket first to test out a pattern, yarn, size etc.  I’m in love with Loops & Threads from Michaels.

Here is my third blanket.  It was a birthday gift for my very special niece Ashley (Sweet Smash) for her 13th birthday.  I found this pattern online – Vintage Ripple Pattern.  A very kind person posted an old pattern her grandmother used to use.  (see link at the bottom).

I hope my niece feels comforted every time she cuddles up in it:


The colours are amazing!  I picked this colour “Cascade” by Loops & Threads because of the blues and earthy complimenting colours.  It reminds me of the sea/ocean/nautical.

Shoot me an email if you would like help with this pattern –

Free Pattern Download:



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