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Canning room started

We are sooooo excited.  WE have BIG plans this spring to intall a pretty pretty garden.  Pinterest is the driving force behind the design – nice walkways/fence & garden boxes for each plant – it’s going to be ka-razy awesome!

With that being said, we would like to preserve as much of our harvest as we can.  So we decided we need a canning room.  We have a perfect little room with two concrete walls that we are hoping is going to work out perfectly for keeping things cool…..

First stage – Tongue & Groove wall – Horizontal boards


My husband is killing it with projects!  He’s going to finish off the ceiling with cedar tongue & groove, and build a new door frame, install a vent as well.


Storage Room – complete

I love posted home reno projects on my blog so we can look back and see all of the improvements we made, and as well to have everything dated.  We just finished our back storage room – it’s quite fancy for a storage room – My husband did such an awesome job!


We have so much camping & outdoor gear – it’s so nice to have it all organized & tidy.


So stoked – all of my Orchids are blooming at the same time.  I call it “Orchidpalooza”.


Order shipped to Calgary, Alberta

Order shipped out this week to Karen in Calgary, Alberta.  Thanks again for your purchase – wait till you see these little gems 🙂


Crochet Blanket – Vintage Ripple Pattern

I just love creating, I love working with my hands, I find it very challenging and rewarding.

I learned to crochet as a kid.  My mother taught me as a young girl, and I must say my cabbage patch dolls had a very sophisticated wardrobe including very chic and one of a kind ponchos.

I recently picked up a crochet hook again.  It came right back.  I made myself a blanket first to test out a pattern, yarn, size etc.  I’m in love with Loops & Threads from Michaels.

Here is my third blanket.  It was a birthday gift for my very special niece Ashley (Sweet Smash) for her 13th birthday.  I found this pattern online – Vintage Ripple Pattern.  A very kind person posted an old pattern her grandmother used to use.  (see link at the bottom).

I hope my niece feels comforted every time she cuddles up in it:


The colours are amazing!  I picked this colour “Cascade” by Loops & Threads because of the blues and earthy complimenting colours.  It reminds me of the sea/ocean/nautical.

Shoot me an email if you would like help with this pattern –

Free Pattern Download: