Jewellery Tutorial – Earrings

I’m in the process of writing my first Jewellery Tutorial.

It will includes tips & tricks I have learned along the way, a very thorough & detailed set of instructions and many clear and concise photographs.

I am hoping I can share everything I have learned and can help others dive into the world of creating Jewellery.

I will also be selling a “Jewellery making kit” for every tutorial I write to make it even easier to begin your journey into Jewellery design.

Tutorials & Kits will be posted on Etsy soon.  I am currently writing a tutorial for making “Green Tea” Earrings – all Sterling Silver adorned with a Czech pressed glass bead.  Oxidized and polished leaving an antiqued finish.

I will post a link once I have my first Tutorial & Jewellery making kit completed.

Send me an email if you are interested in a tutorial for any of my designs.  I’m having a lot of fun writing tutorials and would love to share & help others.

Happy Krafting & Kreating 🙂



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