Front Door Patio

The bricks were sinking at the front door.  When it rained it was puddling – and it was becoming a trip hazard.

Mike came home one day to see me dismantling the patio – I had to take brick by brick and assemble it in the driveway exactly the way I was taking it out to make sure it would go back in the exact same way.  Mike wasn’t too impressed at first, but we were both glad after we did it.

We discovered a major issue once we got the bricks out.  The person that installed it didn’t install any vapour barrier where the patio met the wood under the front door.  The wood was rotting which turned a small project into a bigger project (as usual).  lol

Was was able to re-frame some of it from inside the house underneath the door (cold room under stairs) – and we replaced the header piece from the outside – thankfully we caught it before the door starting sinking-or before the joists were damaged.

This was done in September 2015 – everything was re-installed and it looks beautiful!


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