Wood Stove in Garage

Our first order of business was installing a wood stove in the garage.  (Fall 2013)

This wood stove is very sentimental to me.  We visited our old neighbour’s parents (Andy’s parents) a few years ago.  His dad wasn’t well, but we hung out, had a beer & chit chatted with Gary & Carol.  They had a wood stove in their living room.  I commented to them that I loved it and my goal was to one day have a wood stove in my house.  It was nice to see Gary crack jokes and Mike and I remember him getting a good laugh on.

We didn’t know him well, but from all of the stories Andy told us over the years, he was quite talented at mechanics & fabricating metal.

Gary passed away not long after we visited him.  Andy was outside in the back yard (back in the Quaker Road days).  I went to the fence to offer my condolences.  Although Gary was sick, it was sudden.  Thankfully I had my sunglasses on.  Andy thanked me for my words and told me that while his dad was in the hospital he told Andy that he wanted me to have one of the wood stoves he made.  I can’t even tell you how touched I was.  Thankfully I had my sunglasses on.  This stove will be moving with me wherever I go.

We heat our house with wood as well.  We love finding, splitting, stacking – and we love the smell and seeing the stove running in the house.


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