Killarney Provincial Park

My husband and I just got back from an amazing camping trip to Killarney Provincial Park.  We were blown away with how picturesque the scenery was, so serene, peaceful, pure & Natural.

The hiking is top notch – we hiked a different trail every day with each trail offering it’s own unique characteristics such as bogs, granite cut outs, bear country, internal lakes & look-outs over the La Cloche Mountain Range.

We spent one of our days paddling into internal lakes starting with George Lake, portaging to Freeland Lake and then a hike to Killarney Lake to have lunch.  What an amazing experience!

The highlight of the week was hiking “The Crack”.  A 4 hour technical trail that begins on old logging roads proceeding to incline, gradually at first, then quite sharply up to “The Crack”, a deep crevasse that forms walls on the sides of the trail.  Once through the crack you will be treated to one of the most beautiful views in the park.  This panoramic vista allows you to look down upon crystal blue Killarney and O.S.A. lakes.


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