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Sea foam green beach glass necklace – what a beauty!

One of those rare and unique pieces – from the shores of Lake Ontario, Canada.  Wear a beautiful piece of history from one of the five Great Lakes.


Blue Spruce Trees Spaded – November 2013

We knew we wanted to get trees spaded out front for privacy and cosmetics.

Thanks to Werner’s Tree farm – They look beautiful – and they took – no problemo.

Cedar Trees

We wanted to plant cedar trees on the one side of our property to create privacy for both us and our neighbours.  We talked to our neighbours and they were cool with it – These were planted April 2015.

Cedar trees


We had to do it!  This is our Killarney Granite Inukshuk to remind us of how stellar Killarney is!!

July 2016

It’s in the new fire pit patio.


Pretty Pretty Closet

Who ever thought that a closet could be pretty!  I didn’t take before pictures, but I can tell you it was ugly!!  Cracked & curling linoleum, wood with plastered holes – I hated it!

Mike installed the laminate to match the existing laminate flooring (we had a few boards kicking around).  I painted it white and installed iron hooks – now I love going into this closet.

(Fall 2015)

pretty pretty closet

Fire Pit Patio

This was an insane project – 6 day gang buster weekend – May long weekend 2016.

I love our back yard, but I also hated our back yard.  There was nothing going on – golf course style.  The plus side – it’s a blank canvas.

Pinterest is costing me a lot of money – lol.  I found a few good pictures to work off of and we came up with this:

Before:  (We had to rent a sod cutter – clay dirt is impossible to dig) – we used a hose to paint the outline – cut all of the grass out.

Fire Pit Patio - Before (dug)

Bricks laid – filling with dirt (See  the little pine on the left) – this was a wedding favour from Mike’s cousins’ wedding – Jeff & Mel Flaherty 🙂

Fire pit patio - Bricks laid - mulching

All of the dirt is in – walkways installed:

Fire pit patio - dirt

After – Jackson likes it too!  We mulched it with black mulch and picked up a whole bunch of trees/plants.  I transplanted a lot of the perennials from my garden.  This is our “Up North Fire Pit Patio”  We love sitting out there around the fire.

Fire pit patio - after

Front Door Patio

The bricks were sinking at the front door.  When it rained it was puddling – and it was becoming a trip hazard.

Mike came home one day to see me dismantling the patio – I had to take brick by brick and assemble it in the driveway exactly the way I was taking it out to make sure it would go back in the exact same way.  Mike wasn’t too impressed at first, but we were both glad after we did it.

We discovered a major issue once we got the bricks out.  The person that installed it didn’t install any vapour barrier where the patio met the wood under the front door.  The wood was rotting which turned a small project into a bigger project (as usual).  lol

Was was able to re-frame some of it from inside the house underneath the door (cold room under stairs) – and we replaced the header piece from the outside – thankfully we caught it before the door starting sinking-or before the joists were damaged.

This was done in September 2015 – everything was re-installed and it looks beautiful!