Genuine Black Glass – Lake Ontario

My husband found a beauty piece of black glass yesterday (April 24, 2016) on one of our favourite beaches on Lake Ontario.  (Little Bay where some great finds wash in).

You can tell by the size and density that this was likely from a very old bottle.  Black Glass dates back to as old as the 1600’s.  These very old pieces were likely from one of the many shipwrecks, possibly even a pirate ship.

I have included one piece back lit to show the true colour of the glass.  The colour is so dense that I could only get it to show light in one little section.  There is a thick ridge where I could barely get light through indicating the bottom of a bottle ridge.

Very old black glass from this era was made into bottles to preserve goods such as oil, vodka, gin & rum.  The dark colour protected the contents from being spoiled from the sun.  Fascinating!!

We will be keeping this piece for our collection, but we are excited to share.

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2 responses to “Genuine Black Glass – Lake Ontario

  • rosedivecha

    Very cool! I had never heard of black glass and I am a huge beach glass collector.

    • Vintique Hand Kraft

      Thank you – we think it’s pretty cool too. Learning about Black glass is what started us on our treasure hunting expeditions, lol. It took us 8 months to find our first piece as it’s hard to tell the difference between a Black Rock & Glass. My friend actually found our first piece. The history behind black glass is fascinating. Thanks for checking it out 🙂

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