Beach Glass Necklace

So super stoked to post my first Beach glass / Sea glass necklace.

We have so much glass – 100 % Genuine & Authentic.  My creative wheels are turning and after completing this necklace, I have so many ideas on how to incorporate Beach Glass / Sea Glass into necklaces so they can be beautifully displayed for everyone to enjoy.

I took this picture with my cell – so not the best quality – but I’m so excited to post that I’m going to post it anyways.  What do you think?

beach glass necklace

Pink Amethyst Beach Glass / Sea Glass – 100 % Genuine from the shores of Lake Ontario beautifully displayed on a Black leather cord necklace.  Self adjusting knots to finish this off.

I’m keeping this one for me, sentimental as I start my journey into exploring with new designs incorporating beach glass.  A big thanks to my husband Mike, for helping me with drilling, he is very patient and kind, we had a lot of fun drilling our first pieces together.

Custom orders are always welcome – these would make great Bridesmaid gifts!  Or just because gifts.

Creatively yours,

Brandy, xo


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