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Beach Glass Tours

Traveling to Niagara, Ontario Canada?  Are you a Beach Glass / Sea Glass Enthusiast?  Interested in Beach Glass / Sea Glass hunting?

Guided Tours available on request.  We want to meet other enthusiasts from all around the world.  We would love to take you out to our favourite “Hot Spots”.

Beach Glass Treasure Hunting Package Details: (5 hours) – Example – 9:00am – 2:00pm

  1.  Meet & Greet – we can set up a meeting place to have a coffee and share stories & experiences from Beach Glass / Sea Glass hunting expeditions.
  2. You will be provided with a write-up on History of the Great Lakes including information on Ship Wrecks dating back to as early as the 1600’s.
  3. Head out to “Hunting Location”.  To avoid exploiting areas, we ask that this is kept confidential and landmarks are avoided in any pictures that are taken.
  4. Treasure Hunt with us.  We can explain some our strategies and techniques to ensure you enjoy a successful hunt.
  5. Visit a local restaurant to have a bite (Restaurant location will be one of our favourites’ closest to the beach we visit on the day of the tour).
  6. Review finds.  We can provide some history on knowledge to finds that are specific to the Niagara Region.

We thought of designing this type of package to first see if there is any interest and for those who are interested, our mission is to provide a personal experience, custom designed to meet your needs, a true experience with “Locals”.

If you are an avid hiker, we can also include a guided tour through the many trails in the area including the Niagara River/ The Gorge/The Whirlpool/Shorthills Provincial Park & The Bruce Trail.

If you are interested, please contact me at:  We can discuss details, your custom package and pricing.

Happy Hunting,


Mike & Brandy Unruh





Vintage Pink Beach Glass / Sea Glass – Genuine Bottle Stopper

One very cool, unique & rare piece- Vintage Pink Sea/Beach Glass. I have taken pictures from all angles. This beautiful piece was found on the shore of Lake Ontario. This is a Genuine Bottle stop. After doing some research, I believe it’s from an old perfume bottle, one where woman would dab perfume on with the bottom of the stopper. This piece can be uniquely incorporated into a crazy cool Jewellery design, or for any collector, this is a statement piece.

To view or purchase on my Etsy Webstore:

Genuine Black Glass – Lake Ontario

My husband found a beauty piece of black glass yesterday (April 24, 2016) on one of our favourite beaches on Lake Ontario.  (Little Bay where some great finds wash in).

You can tell by the size and density that this was likely from a very old bottle.  Black Glass dates back to as old as the 1600’s.  These very old pieces were likely from one of the many shipwrecks, possibly even a pirate ship.

I have included one piece back lit to show the true colour of the glass.  The colour is so dense that I could only get it to show light in one little section.  There is a thick ridge where I could barely get light through indicating the bottom of a bottle ridge.

Very old black glass from this era was made into bottles to preserve goods such as oil, vodka, gin & rum.  The dark colour protected the contents from being spoiled from the sun.  Fascinating!!

We will be keeping this piece for our collection, but we are excited to share.

Check out our Beach supply store for unique pieces and for Jewellery Supply.


Vintique Beach Supply Co. – Up to 40 listings

Today is a day of celebration!  We are up to 40 listings on our Web store.  Check it out, Beach Glass supplies for jewellery, mosaic or any creative projects.  Also available, Beach Pottery / Fossil Rocks & Unique one of a kind Beach / Sea Glass nuggets.

Link to Bottleneck Party Package:


Custom orders are welcome!

Cheers, Mike & Brandy Unruh


Johnson Bros. Teacups & Saucers – “Sheraton” print.

Another stellar find this weekend – I’m also an avid Thrift/Antique Shopper.  I love the idea of Re-purposing, Up-cycling and enjoy the Quality, Craftmanship and Story behind all of my finds.

I found these hiding in a thrift store – I just couldn’t leave them behind, they are truly stunning.

4 beautiful, unique & rare Teacups & Saucers (Mint) condition.
This print was in production in between 1944-1982.  The print is truly stunning.  These are 100% authentic Johnson Bros. as can be seen in the picture of the back stamp.
You will see “Pat.Pending” in the picture of the back stamp with the logo making these rare as they were from the earliest productions prior to the approved Patent on this print.  I have not been able to find another set online with the “Pat.Pending” included in the stamp.

I am very tempted to keep these, but I thought I would see if another enthusiast would like to add these beauties to their collection.

These are for sale.  Full set (4 teacups & 4 saucers) for $100.00.  If you are interested, please send me an email to:

Shipwreck Maps – Lake Ontario & Lake Erie

We have learned so much about the history of Lake Ontario & Lake Erie as part of the process of treasure hunting for Beach Glass, Beach Pottery & unique one of a kind treasures.

I found these maps online, it is amazing to see just how many ships were lost to the lakes.

We reference these maps when we are planning new treasure hunting expeditions.  Treasure hunting is all about being at the right place at the right time.  It is so much fun and we have created so many memories along the way.


These maps can be purchased online at:

So so very cool.


Beach supply – First order being shipped

So stoked to announce the sale of our first order from Vintique Beach Supply Co.

Thanks to Renae from Australia for purchasing “Vintage Beach Pottery”.  I will be shipping tomorrow via Canada Post.

Beach pottery - Vintage plate pattern

Thanks for being our first customer!! I can’t wait to see what you create with this beautiful package.



Brandy Unruh

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