Genuine Beach / Sea Glass Lake Ontario & Lake Erie

My husband and I spend many weekends exploring beaches to treasure hunt.  We have our favourite spots, but we also love the adventure of finding new areas to explore.

On Sunday March 27, 2016, we drove to Lake Ontario with intention to go to one of our hot spots.  My husband mentioned walking a different direction to check out a section of beach we have never explored.  It proved to be an exciting and successful treasure hunt.  My husband found many pieces of black glass and we both found many jewellery quality pieces.

Here are some picks to demonstrate the authenticity of our beach / sea glass:

Treasure hunting 2

Using my handy tool to dig areas that looks promising.

Treasure hunting

Found a piece!

Beach Glass sorting station

Sorting Station – as hard as it is to let some of this glass go, it’s exciting to begin selling & sharing for others to enjoy.  We are in the initial stages of sorting – “Jewellery quality, Beach Pottery, Beach Bon fire glass, Unique & interesting, Bottlenecks & bottoms, Very old & Rare and Tiny treasures”.

Find our online store at:

Custom orders are welcome.

Thanks for stopping in,

Brandy Unruh



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