Treasure Hunting – Saturday March 5, 2016

My husband and I went on a little treasure hunt on Lake Ontario on Saturday March 5, 2016.  A little treasure hunt turned into a 4 hour hunt.

We always try to hit the beaches after a storm & after melt off to see what new treasures the Lake has washed in.

We were thrilled to find two marbles.  My husband found a very unique marble, burgundy & white, opaque with swirls – he found it by digging in just the right spot.

Shortly after, I found a clear marble, with a blue swirl inside.  It’s oddly shaped which tells us it was once a large marble that has been tumbled for many years wearing it down to almost a smaller marble size but not so round.  I knew when I spotted it, it was something special.

We also found our largest cobalt blue – tumbled very nicely (jewellery quality), along with many other special finds – a lot of jewellery quality pieces.

These pictures were taken with my cell phone, so not the best resolution – but still gives an idea:

Beach GlassBeach Glass - Marble








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