Ontario Out of Doors – Mike made the cut

Check out the March 2016 issue of Ontario Out of doors.  (page 20).

Mike made the cut with a unique fish he caught back in November 2015.

He knew right away the fish was different.  He was fishing in Thorold, ON (hometown) for crappie.  He hooked onto a larger fish and when he brought it in, he instantly knew something was different.  It has the head of a small mouth bass & the body of a large mouth bass.  Even the behaviour when it was being reeled in made him question the subtle differences – the fish fought like a small mouth.  (no jumping as typical behaviour for Large Mouth bass)  The area he was fishing in was unique as the water body is landlocked.  The question was:  Is this fish in fact a Hybrid of two species, is this possible, is it the unique situation of the water body that could make this possible?

After submitting the picture and the story to the magazine, they in fact confirmed that it is a Hybrid species.  The genetic barrier to prevent further breeding is the fact that Hybrid species cannot reproduce.

Kudos to Mike for being so in tune with nature and the characteristics of species and noticing the oddities that made this story.

I’m always fascinated with nature being nature.

Ontario Out of Doors



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