Monthly Archives: October 2015

New Business Name – Vintique Hand Kraft

I have decided to design & sell jewellery under a business name.  I’m quite excited.  I also hand kraft many other items so I chose a name that I felt would leave the door open for me to offer other items for sale such as Stained glass pieces, stained glass garden stones and more to come – visit often.  What do you think?

Logo-B&W - Transparent BG

I chose this name for so many reasons.  I love all things vintage.  I love how well everything was made back in the day and want to incorporate this quality into my name and work.  I’m also an antique collector.  I’m fascinated with a story, knowing that each piece was in someone’s possession, or displayed in someone’s family home, maybe even an old farm homestead.  I have a few interesting pieces on display in my home such as an old Singer sewing machine, old chests, old farm equipment in the garage, old door handles & knobs – my obsession never ends.

After a lot of thought, I put the two words together – “Vintage” & “Antique” to make “Vintique”.  I thought I was quite clever, however, when I googled it, many geniuses before me had thought this process through, lol.  I also wanted to incorporate “Hand Krafted” because I have forever been obsessed with creating things.  As a child I learned how to crochet & knit, I used to make fabric wrapped clothes hangers, Cross Stich, Crafts with a glue gun and as an adult, I learned how to make stained glass ornaments & window pieces as well as garden stones.  For me, the name is a perfect fit, one that will stick.

Very excited 🙂