Celebrating our 10th anniversary together….

My husband and I just celebrated our tenth anniversary on February 21, 2012.  We went for a hike in the shorthills.  We spend a lot of time hiking and doing things outdoors.  Since we’ve been together, we’ve been hunting for antlers that have fallen off of deer this time of year.  We circle their rubs, walk the deer highway, and try to take the path less taken.

On our hike, my husband spotted one.  After ten years, we finally found one.  We were actually checking out a mudslide near the creek when we stumbled across it.  It feels great to finally check this off the bucket list and even more special that we found it on our tenth anniversary.

We had rubber boots on, so we decided to hike the creek back to the main trail.  We lucked out with stunning images and serene sounds.

We will still continue our hunt to expand our antler collection, hoping each one will have a unique story behind it.


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