Monthly Archives: December 2011

Unique pendant and earrings

Custom Order – Completely handcrafted, all sterling and fine silver accented with a blue Swarovski bi-cone bead. My client Steve wanted a unique design to give to someone special.

Christmas gifts – custom orders

Scotty ordered pendants for his Mom, Ang, and Connie….All Sterling Silver accented with Swarovski beads.



Swarovski Bracelet – Custom Order

Custom order – Swarovski Bracelet. If you are looking to give the gift of “bling bling”, this bracelet is beautiful. It reflects light magically. Could also be a wedding gift/ or bridal party gifts. Can be made with any of the swarovski colours/pearls. This one is made with Swarovski clear “Elements”. Can be made with Swarovski Clear (less colour reflection).

Custom order

Christmas Gift, Thanks Scotty.
Scotty ordered this pendant to be custom designed for Amanda.
Teardrop frame, Gold filled wire (10 Karat gold fused onto jeweller’s brass), accented with a Black Swarovski briolette. Also adorned with Gold beads.

Custom Orders

I’ve been very busy making custom jewellery for Christmas.  I’m loving it, designing and making something special for my clients loved ones is so rewarding.

Simply Darling – Simple, yet classic and elegant.  Sterling Silver accented with a black hematite gemstone bead.

Very funky and unique earrings.  Coiled accented around jet black swarovski bi-cone bead.  Oxidized and hand polished.


Classic Sparkle

These are very cool, circle frame soldered, accented and adorned with a clear swarovski crystal bead.  Oxidized and tumble polished.


Custom order for Tracey, earrings and a matching pendant to match her dress for her work Christmas party.  Coiled accent around red Swarovski rondelle bead.

All around great Canadian Shot

My husband has been working down at the falls (construction).  He’s been finding all kinds of things, he put this little scene together for a great shot……


Victorian Splendor

Victorian Splendor, Very Classy and Elegant, All sterling silver wire wrapped earrings. Unique motif attached at the bottom, adorned with small jet black and red siam swarovski beads. Last but not least, a beautiful jet black swarovski briolette attached at the bottom, this bead reflects light so magically. These beautiful earrings remind me of a Victorian Queen wearing stunning and gorgeous jewellery. I am very tempted to keep these.