Unique one of a kind jewellery……

Unique one of a kind Sterling Silver jewellery…..

I wanted to take this opportunity to describe my jewellery and the process involved in making it.

I use Sterling and Fine Silver.  The technique I use is called Wire Wrapping.  I absolutely love making jewellery and have enjoyed learning different techniques to add different elements to each piece.

I sometimes sketch a concept design before starting.  This gives me a guideline to follow and a plan of attack.  Other times, I just get an idea in my head and go to it.  There are also times when I see jewellery in every day items and I need to get a piece of paper to draw them out.  Examples are antique door handles, chandeliers and light fixtures.

I’ve been soldering my frames lately giving me a really great base to start with, clean lines.  I love using Fine Silver for accents and motifs.  I anneal the fine silver to give me more malleability.  Everything is tied into the original frame to give strength, high quality precision and long lasting durability.

Last but certainly not least is adding beads.  I only use Swarovski Crystal beads and high quality gemstone beads.  I love the sparkly shine the swarovski beads add, and I love the depth of colour gemstones add.  I also oxidize most pieces (not all) to darken the colour and polish to give an antiqued look.

If you are interested in any of my designs, please email me at:  brandyunruh@yahoo.ca

Current pieces for sale:  www.brandyunruh.etsy.com











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