Monthly Archives: September 2011

Weekend Getaway

My husband and I just got back from a little weekend getaway.  We launched our boat in Hartley Bay, French River.  Packed all of our stuff in our boat and headed over to the French River Lodge located on an island in the French River.

We had a great weekend, very peaceful and serene.  Had our coffee by the lake every morning, we caught walleye, pike, perch, one crappy and other various panfish.  We stopped off at the Voyageur Inn campsite to start a fire and have hot dogs on the lake.

For me, there is nothing better to clear my mind than being in nature.  We hiked trails on the the island with proved to be very picturesque.  We seen a fox at night and we are pretty sure we spooked a Moose in Cromby Bay.

The service at French River lodge was exceptional.  Joe and Anne are great hosts.  Brandon and Keith helped us with fishing locations and Brandon helped us carry our stuff in which was a nice treat.

I would highly recommend this lodge to anyone looking for a peaceful getaway.

Web – designed and made for myself

Soldered circle framed accented with sterling silver beads.  This is my first “netting” project, as well as this is the first soldered twisted circle in the middle.

Fine silver balled, annealed and uniquely formed to hold a black hematite bead.

I’m very happy with how this turned out, and with how much I learned.  I will be using these techniques in future pieces.

Inspired by Sirpa K’s Medallion

Custom Order

Similar to KK Summer Nights.  Modified to make this piece unique, a custom order for Tracey.

Soldered frame, accented with fine silver and a jet black swarovski bead.

Oxidized and hand polished.

I hope you love it 🙂