Cayman Islands

I just got back from a great vacation to the Cayman Islands. I went down to visit my friends Alice and John. We did a lot of snorkeling, swam in pristine beaches, ate at great restaurants and had some amazing new experiences like swimming with Stingrays and viewing Bioluminescent.

Our first day, it was hard to get used to being on the other side of the road all week…..

Smith’s Cove, a beautiful place to snorkel, the rock/coral bed was close to shore making it very easy to view beautiful coral and stunning tropical fish.  I also seen my first flounder here.

Smith’s Cove

On our way to Stingray City

Swam with Stingrays, they are very intimidating, but majestic and beautiful.

Had to go shopping at Guy Harvey for Marlin shirts for my husband and my stepson.

Alice and I on Cemetery Beach

I had a fantastic trip.  I love visiting new places in the world.  I came home with a renewed spirit, new perspective and new goals.


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