Girls Weekend

I just came back from a “girls getaway” with some of my best pals. This is our yearly tradition to go to Northern Ontario to enjoy winter scenes, fresh crisp air, winter hikes and a picturesque view of the Lake. We stayed in the Haliburton area, one of my favorite places to visit in Ontario.

I had a great time hanging out with my pals, we ate great food, enjoyed many cocktails as we laughed, sang and shared stories. We drove to Dorset to enjoy a nice hike and of course a stop at “Uncs”. We had a day, a full day, in the hot tub overlooking the lake. “This is the life”.

Songs of the weekend, “Dirty Bit by Black eyed peas, Raise your glass by Pink, All summer long by Kid Rock, and a new appreciation for Tom Petty, thanks Lori Lou.

Whoa mamasita!!!! Can’t wait to see the new addition in October!!!!!

Thanks KK for being our travel planner. Thanks to KK, Bree, Susie Q, Lori Lou and Holly for the fantastic weekend!!! I always enjoy our getaways.


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