Busy Weekend – Happy Mama’s day

Busy busy weekend……

Here’s a couple of pictures:

I took these pictures with my phone – not the best quality.

Thanks to Dar for the special order – Bracelet for Erin from Owen.  (top picture).  White beach glass accented with 2 Swarovski Channel charms (Jan & Feb).

Bottom left – a necklace for my best friend Leesha – she doesn’t know yet – it’s a belated b-day gift.

Bottom middle – “In memory necklace”.  I made 5 necklaces for family members that recently lost a loved one.  White beach glass, adorned with a Swarovski channel charm (Sapphire – not pictured), a white Swarovski pearl & a sterling silver tag charm stamped with the letter J.  All necklaces are Sterling Silver with Sterling Silver findings.

My husband and I spend countless hours beach hunting with our pooch, Jackson.  Bottom Right – we found a killer piece of beach wood – bought some wicked hooks and made up a coat rack for my mother in law for mother’s day.  Re-purposed, character & rustic.

Interested in custom jewellery?  Shoot me an email at:  brandyunruh@yahoo.ca.

Located in Wainfleet, ON

Ontario Canada Gemstone & Jewellery supplier

Listing items daily.

Interested in learning how to make high end jewellery?  Vintique Gemstones & Jewellery Supply is your source for high quality Gemstones, Swarovski beads, Silver wire & more.

Posting tutorials soon.

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Dark Blue Chalcedony 9x11mm – Grade AAA Genuine Gemstones – Matching pair – cheap shipping

What started as a hobby, turned into a passion and admittedly even an obsession.
Gemstones really do take your jewelry designs to the next level – these are sweet gemstones, a perfect pair for earrings.

Faceted Teardrop 9x11mm – Dark Blue Chalcedony Stones

Beautiful colour! They are a faceted, round teardrop briolette and have all the great characteristics you expect from Chalcedony.

You will receive 2 faceted 9x11mm teardrop briolettes – Matching pair (exactly as pictured)

Size: 9x11mm
Color: Dark Blue
Amount: 2 beads
Material: Chalcedony Quartz
Measures approx 9x11mm.Drilled at the top from side to side.

Will fit 26/28 gauge wire for tie in or wire wrapping finishes. (feel free to send me a convo if you have any questions).

Custom orders are welcome!!

Ships from Wainfleet, ON Canada (Niagara Region)

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Grade AAA Gemstone Supplier Canada

Now sourcing and selling high quality Gemstones for high quality jewellers.

I buy in bulk at great prices so I can sell at great prices with reasonable shipping.

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Posting new inventory daily – custom requests are welcomed 🙂

Sterling Silver Wire – 20 gauge Half Hard

Business is evolving.  I have had so much fun making jewellery, but I kind of feel it’s time to start incorporating more items for jewellery supply.  I’m hoping I can ship all over Canada and Internationally.  I will be listing Grade AAA Gemstone beads shortly.  I will be offering tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way and I’m hoping to be the “go to” supply store for all of your jewellery making needs.

Listed today:  Sterling Silver Wire (.925) – 20 gauge Half hard




There are two packages available – 1 foot & 3 feet.  I can make a custom order if you need a different length.

Check out pictures I’ve posted on the listed where I have used 20 gauge Half Hard Sterling Silver Wire.

Happy Creating, Brandy 🙂


Camo hoodie

Why not post – my husband bought me a camo hoodie.  You can’t see a lot of it, but it’s very cool.  I am wearing one of my necklaces – beach pottery found on Lake Ontario, love it and I must say I feel very cool wearing it 🙂



Canning room started

We are sooooo excited.  WE have BIG plans this spring to intall a pretty pretty garden.  Pinterest is the driving force behind the design – nice walkways/fence & garden boxes for each plant – it’s going to be ka-razy awesome!

With that being said, we would like to preserve as much of our harvest as we can.  So we decided we need a canning room.  We have a perfect little room with two concrete walls that we are hoping is going to work out perfectly for keeping things cool…..

First stage – Tongue & Groove wall – Horizontal boards


My husband is killing it with projects!  He’s going to finish off the ceiling with cedar tongue & groove, and build a new door frame, install a vent as well.